Types Of Content That Grows A Brand Presence Online

Videos and images have gained immense popularity in today’s digital world, but let’s not forget the timeless importance of written content in any successful marketing campaign. Even before the advent of technology, written content played a vital role in brand promotion. It’s fascinating how various forms of written content, such as blogs, emails, articles, and more, have evolved to fit different marketing strategies and industries.

So, when it comes to choosing the right type of content, it all depends on your unique marketing approach and the exciting industry your brand thrives in!

Let’s take a look at 8 examples of content writing to inspire you and help you round out your content writing efforts.

8 Timeless Types of Online Content 

1. Blog Posts:

Think of our website as a cozy home, where web content serves as the strong foundation, and your blog becomes the beautiful structure and inviting rooms. 

Blogging is an absolute gem when it comes to creating valuable content. It not only entertains and connects with your audience but also builds a strong bond between them and your brand.

The power of a blog is undeniable, as it brings a myriad of benefits to businesses. It boosts your website’s visibility through enhanced SEO, propelling it to the top rankings. 

Moreover, it establishes your expertise in your field, elevating your business to new heights. That’s why it’s crucial to consistently focus on creating compelling blog content that hits the mark.

Crafting an outstanding blog involves a perfect blend of comprehensive posts, providing valuable takeaways for readers, offering actionable tips, and backing up our points with engaging graphics, screenshots, statistics, and research facts. And let’s not forget about those exciting calls to action that inspire and motivate readers to take action.

So, let’s make your blog a warm and welcoming space, where your audience can’t resist coming back for more.

2. Web Content

Imagine your web content as the solid foundation of a beautiful house. Your homepage, about page, product, and services all play an integral role in creating a strong online presence for your business.

These pieces of content are like the welcoming front door to your virtual abode, providing potential customers with their first glimpse into what you have to offer. From crafting compelling pages to developing a helpful Frequently Asked Questions section or a resource center, your website serves as the go-to hub for interested individuals.

Without these essential elements, it would be nearly impossible for people to gather information about your company. That’s why it’s crucial to possess engaging conversion writing skills, a good understanding of web dynamics, and the ability to employ SEO techniques to highlight important keywords.

However, a truly exceptional web page goes beyond merely showcasing your brand, products, or services. It should prioritize the needs and desires of your customers above all else.

Remember, your website content should cater to customers at all stages of their marketing journey. So, make sure it captivates and connects with them on every level.

3. Social Media Post:

Consider social media as a valuable ally in your content strategy. In this digital era, it’s quite a challenge for brands to connect with a broader audience unless they embrace social media.

Countless individuals explore the vast internet to gather insights on different products and services, and some even go the extra mile by becoming avid followers.

Hence, establishing a strong social media presence holds immense significance in building a positive image online.

4. Ads/ Sales Copy

Advertising and sales copy adds that perfect touch to the products and services you offer, making them even more appealing to your online audience.

No matter what industry you’re in, ads and sales copy play a crucial role in your business. They come in all shapes and sizes, catering to the unique needs of each individual business.

When it comes to sales copy, building trust should always be the top priority. Effective ads and sales copy that generate good revenue are written in a way that doesn’t come across as pushy or overly sales-focused.

It’s not about being “salesy” or trying to manipulate people. Instead, it’s about crafting ads that resonate with your target audience and reaching them at the right time. Good ads are honest, genuine, and never misleading.

By using advertising and sales copy effectively, you can create a friendly and welcoming online presence that draws in your audience and showcases the value of your products and services.

5. Video Content

It’s no secret that video is an absolute game-changer when it comes to engaging your audience. With its ability to captivate our senses through visuals, sound, and even text, video content is the ultimate tool to drive traffic and boost your earnings.

Have you seen Sisi Yemmie’s plantain pottage recipe video? It’s like the perfect example of how a video should be done! The visuals are so crisp and inviting, and the title of the video grabs your attention right away with a super engaging call-to-action. Basically, everything in the video is presented in such a simple and precise manner that it perfectly conveys the information it aims to share.

You know, sometimes we might not realize the importance of good content writing in videos, but trust me, a well-crafted video script can work wonders for its success. By jotting down the key points and scripting the entire video, you ensure that it stays on-topic and covers everything it needs to. It’s like having a friendly guide to follow during filming, which can truly help reduce any anxiety and make the whole process a lot easier.

So, next time you’re planning to create a video, remember the power of a well-written script. It’s the secret ingredient that can take your video from good to great!

6. Newsletters/E-mails

Businesses and organizations love using newsletters to connect with their amazing network of customers, prospects, and subscribers. And you know what? It’s all made super easy thanks to those email marketing service providers!

Imagine being able to send out newsletters straight to your audience’s inboxes, filled with captivating content that keeps them engaged. Not only can you promote exciting sales, but you can also drive loads of traffic to your website. How awesome is that?

Now, here’s the cool thing about newsletters and customer emails – they’re not like any other type of content. The people receiving them are usually the ones who already have a special bond with your brand. They’re loyal and totally dig what you’ve got going on!

Newsletters are also your secret weapon to stay connected with your incredible customers, prospects, and subscribers. You can shower them with useful information and even share exclusive content they won’t find anywhere else. Trust us, they’ll be eagerly looking forward to every email that lands in their inbox.

So, hop on the newsletter train and keep those relationships strong, my friend. It’s time to share the love and keep them coming back for more!

7. Infographics

Facebook states that the average time a social media scroller spends on any given piece of content is no more than three seconds. But here’s the exciting part – if you manage to captivate your audience with an engaging infographic, that three-second limit becomes a thing of the past!

Infographics are like a magical blend of eye-catching visuals and informative text, and you might not think of them as conventional content writing. However, they truly work wonders in grabbing attention.

For instance, by using simple charts to compare your products with others, you can effectively educate and enlighten your customers. It’s amazing how something as simple as an infographic can go a long way in delivering valuable information to your audience.

8. Copywriting

In the field of copywriting, the art of leveraging written language is employed to effectively induce desired actions. These actions may vary, ranging from eliciting responses to conveying one’s product, guiding individuals towards specific links, or encouraging purchases. The paramount skill lies in the ability to skillfully persuade, influence, and captivate the intended audience.

The realm of content creation in copywriting encompasses an array of written materials, encompassing website copy, comprehensive product descriptions, enticing sales collateral, impactful advertisements, and even delving into the realm of print media, such as press releases or print ads, along with visually stimulating infographics.

Copywriting is intricately connected with the art of concluding deals and facilitating sales, while the aspect of writing itself plays a relatively minor role.


Do you ever stop and think about where content writing fits into the constantly expanding world of online business?

With the increasing use of the internet, technology, and digital media, online markets have become the go-to for customers. Traditional marketing just doesn’t cut it anymore. Consumers want to be entertained, educated, and informed by the content they see from brands. Content writing has become more important than ever and it’s not something marketers can afford to ignore.

Creating and promoting engaging content is like giving your business the perfect fertilizer for growth.

So, what kind of content are you using for your company right now?

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