Marketing for Realtors 101

Are you a real estate owner who has heard that spending more on marketing can lead to more leads? Generating leads might seem easy when you receive inquiries, but managing a successful campaign involves more than just that.

A marketing campaign goes beyond merely getting leads; it involves nurturing those leads throughout the entire sales process. 

Think of sales and marketing as partners that work together. 

Here’s a simplified explanation:

The marketing team generates traffic, which we call leads.

The sales team nurtures these leads until they become paying and returning customers.

Sales help maintain strong relationships with clients, ensuring their comfort and security. But how does this apply to a real estate team with sales and marketing spread across different areas?

If you’re familiar with social media management, you’ll know that simply posting regularly won’t lead to significant growth without a clear objective. Posting on social media and running ads aren’t the sole keys to making sales.

As a real estate firm, before launching a campaign, consider three crucial questions:

1. Who is my target audience?

2. What makes my real estate business unique?

3. How do I plan to reach my target audience?

Answering these questions puts you 85% closer to making sales. Once you’ve grabbed your audience’s attention, the next step is nurturing them, which we’ll discuss in the upcoming days.

Stay tuned for updates as we share insights from our projects and strategies for moving from zero to a hundred in scale. Until then, stay informed and prepared.

See you soon, and stay frosty.

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