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Here's what our clients have to say

SOP Media has helped keep us in business consistently for over 10 months. We used to have a lot of issues with our Facebook campaigns & relied heavily on affiliates but now we get consistent quality leads for each of our webinars

Umoru Ibrahim

Inbox Marketing Academy

Steven came on board basically to help us generate leads for our business using google ads but one daring thing he convinced us to do was change our sales strategy. Sop media didn't just give us more leads, our sales grew aswell. The best in the game no doubt

Mrs O

CMO Harde Business School

I have been struggling to sell my e-commerce products for a while due to the constant ban of my Facebook account so I decided to try google ads out. The setup was super strenuous I almost gave up not until I came in contact with SOP Media. Definitely The best thing that happened to my business


Ecom Vendor

A man thinking

Why SOP Media?

SOP Media is a digital marketing agency based in Lagos Nigeria. Our agency started out of the desire to help businesses get their products and service in front of the right audience. We have a team of experienced marketing professionals lead by Steven Adinoyi that specializes in SEO, PPC, and social media advertising. We understand that each client has their own unique goals and challenges, and we pride ourselves on our ability to help them achieve their goals.

Who is this starter pack for?

Individuals & Businesses who have little to no success trying to manage ads on their own but are looking for professional guidance to kick off their campaigns properly.

Businesses that are not looking for ongoing ad management but instead want a short-term campaign for an event, sale, or specific season.

Small businesses & Startups hey may have limited budgets and are looking for cost-effective ways to start advertising without a huge commitment.

Those who remain skeptical about the returns of digital advertising and want to see the kind of results they can get before committing more resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the Starter Pack last?

The setup and research are a one-time process, but we offer monitoring and basic optimization for the first week after your campaign goes live.

Will I get a report at the end of the week?

Yes, you'll receive a summary report highlighting the performance of your campaign, key metrics, and our recommendations for the future.

What if I want to continue after the first week?

You're welcome to upgrade to our comprehensive packages. Our team will guide you on the best next steps based on your initial results.

Are there any hidden fees or costs?

The Starter Pack fee covers our services for keyword research, setup, and monitoring. However, the actual ad spend on Google Ads is separate and will be billed by Google.

Can I choose my budget for the Google Ads campaign?

Absolutely! Although we have a minimum spend of $200 for the duration of the campaign we'll provide recommendations based on industry standards and our experience, the final ad spend budget decision lies with you

What if I'm not satisfied with the results after the week?

Our goal is to provide value and insights, even in this introductory offer. If you have concerns, we're here to address them and discuss potential strategies moving forward.

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