Are you tired of wasting your hard earned money on increasing your Ad Spend yet no result?

Google records a total of 99,000 searches every second, and this gives you a huge chance of increasing your sales or website traffic, with the right strategy.

Could this be what you're facing at the moment?

You are a business owner or a marketing manager of a firm that is in dire need of quality leads.

You just started a business and you need to create an awareness for a wide reach.

Your app got listed in Google Playstore but no one seems to download.

Your Cost Per Click in your Google Ads campaign seems high but yet no positive result generated.

You want to reach your target audience and see results, but it seems like your efforts are falling apart.

Let SOP Media Take Care Of All Of These Challenges Costing You Your Money and Resources.

With a deep understanding of algorithms and a strong commitment to creativity, SOP Media, is an agency focused on not just running your campaigns but willing to partner with you, driven by a mission to grow your business revenue and create a massive awareness for your brand. We believe in precision not only in targeting audiences but also in crafting engaging stories that truly resonate.

Our passion for data is truly legendary. We recognize that every click and impression holds a unique story just waiting to be unraveled. SOP Media is known for our ability to turn raw numbers into actionable insights, guiding our clients toward a future where success is not just a possibility, but a guarantee.

This is why we are known as the best Google Ads Agency in Nigeria.

Here's what Mr Dami Ogundipe of Harde Business School has to say about SOP Media.


Our Catalogue of Satisfied Clients

With our Google Ads service, we help solve;

Your Quality Score

Create a better Ad Creative (Compelling Visuals)

A cheaper conversion rate with quality acquired Leads.

Accurate Keyword Targeting

Better reports to help you make informed decisions in your business/ marketing strategies.

Here's Our Google Ad Service

Ad Copywriting

AI Copies tend to turn your prospective clients off, because Ai's copy don't give a human touch/ feel of emotion in their copies. ChatGPT is a good tool, but you still need to edit some of it's statement to suit your targeted audience.

Keyword Research

We take a deep dive into your business to see what people are mostly searching for on google.

With a well targeted keyword, you're set to gain more impression when that particular keyword is being researched.

Ad Creatives

We create top-notch designs that captivate the mind of your audience.

Same as copywriting, it has to be

Lead Generation

We target people who are most likely to be converted as leads for your business. Lead Gen is a key area in most business and it takes a well crafted strategy to acquire leads.

Detailed Reporting

We break down the jargon so you can easily understand what the metric says, to enable you track your progress.

Ad Monitoring

We monitor both the keyword and target group that convert the most, even while your Ad is up and running. This enable us to make the best decisions when it comes to scaling up.

Our 3-Fold Strategy Process

Campaign Set-up Strategy

  • Ad Account Set-up
  • Strategy Creation
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Keyword research and structuring
  • Targeted audience research and buyer persona creation.

Creative Engaging Ads

  • Creation of well crafted ad copy, videos and images.
  • Leveraging on Advanced Google Ads features to stand out.
  • Sending the right messages at the right time.

Landing Page Optimization

  • Placing Google Conversion tracking tags.
  • Editing the landing page content for conversion.
  • Optimizing the design of the landing page to ensure conversion.

Here are some of our results

top google ads agency in Nigeria

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